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I met Jennifer via the site a few months ago, she’s slim, sexy, loves anal and whilst not out totally we have a lot of fun. Recently whilst reading the members message board I saw this posting about Crossdressing threesome, and it got me thinking and suggested we try this.


Jennifer was all up for this, and we soon found ourselves chatting with Emily a twenty something Crossdresser from Chichester that had just moved and was looking for a bit of fun. We suggested a threesome and she was more than up for meeting up. Several photos later along with a few calls between Jennifer & Emily and a night was set up for our first threesome.

Chi Crossdressing Hookup

We set this up for a Saturday night and all-day Jennifer was getting herself ready and right at the agreed time the door went, and Jennifer asked if I would let Emily in. This gave her a chance to have another quick drink of vino.


Opening the door Emily looked amazing standing there with a long coat but could see stocking covered legs. Welcoming her in I kissed her lightly on the lips and she responded moving more towards me so we kissed more passionately and pushing against her it was clear she could feel my cock getting hard.


Walking into the lounge Jennifer was sat with black sexy lingerie on, stockings, heels and you could just about make out her matching black panties and bra…I could have fucked her myself right then, but I knew I needed to hold back a little and let the gurls having some fun first.


Emily walked over and gave Jennifer a big “WET” horny kiss with tongs, sitting back on the chair I watched. She took her coat off and was wearing a tiny dress that was so tight you could clearly see her hard cock and Jennifer was looking directly at her cock still being sat down.


Jennifer offered a drink and we all sat back chatting, but it was only small talk, everyone knew just why we were here, and it didn’t take long till Emily leaned over to Jennifer and began kissing and sucking tongs with me watching. I was now hard and wanting to join in.

First Crossdressing Threesome

They both looked over to me smiling and saying its a about time I got naked and with that in a flash I was down to my boxers. Jennifer opened her robes and Emily moved closer taking off her bra and started to tease and play with her nipples, this drives Jennifer crazy, and I’ve even made her cum in the past just teasing her nipples she is that sensitive was pulling & pinching both making Jennifer gasp and reach down to start playing with her cock.


With her hand on her cock Jennifer was wanking whilst her nipples had the expert treatment from Emily, but seeing this she moved down her body, licking, kissing all the way down till she reached the tip of her cock. It was so horny watching these two Crossdressers having sex I really wanted to join in, but the agreement was I would watch, till invited to join in.


They were totally both in the throes of passion and I’m sure not even aware I was watching as Emily moved her hand between Jennifer legs and she opened them wide for her to explore. Moving onto her knees she pulled Jennifer panties off and her hard cock sprung up waving and waiting for attention.

Crossdresser Anal Play..

Looking at her hard cock she started licking and sucking, going slowly sucking her first just at the top licking and sucking her head, then going deep trying to take all her cock in, but Jennifer has a large cock and whilst trying was gagging a little. This didn’t stop Jennifer putting a hand on her head and pushing her deep as she loved to hear me gag when I sucked her.


Emily then turned her attentions towards her bottom and moving a hand under Jennifer started to tease and play with her ass pussy. Taking hold of both legs Jennifer pulled them up gving her full access to her sexy ass pussy as Emily pushed her face against her bottom and I could see her rimming and poking her tong into Jennifer.


This nearly pushed Jennifer over the edge making her groan out in pleasure as her tong poked deep inside her. Jennifer looked over to me as I was now wanking my hard cock and told me to come over and I moved, kissing her, Emily looked up and moving forward kissed her with our tongs meeting and could taste Jennifer juices as we kissed hard.


… Jennifer told me to “FUCK ME” and Emily looked at my hard cock and moving to one side I got between Jennifer legs and my cock slipped deep inside her whilst Emily moved up kissing her and pinching her nipples.. I was fucking her hard and I knew Jennifer would last long as quickly she came all over her tummy.


Emily didn’t want to waste this and moving down licked her cum and sucked any remaining cum from her cock. I pulled from Jennifer and whilst there Emily sucked my cock licking and taking all the sweet juices from me.

Jennifer moved over a little and then we both started on Emily…that was some night and for out first crossdressing threesome amazing which we’ve repeated a few times since.

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