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Canterbury Crossdresser

I’m a mature Kent Crossdresser living just on the outskirts of Canterbury. I’ve always loved sex outdoors and one of the reasons I converted my van so I had somewhere private I could meet males!


The Canterbury dogging scene has in the past offered me a good supply of horny male admirers and in the past used the park & ride park on Sturry Road, although it should have been called park and fuck the number of times I was fucked there, but now I park up close by near the park and arrange to meet admirers, far less risky


This was a few years ago and was dressed for SEX with makeup and short skirt and white top on. Pulling into the carpark it was dead and was just about to call it a night a couple of cars pulled in, so I waited to see what was going to happen next as I could feel my cock growing inside my panties

Kent Public Sex

They parked up close by which is normally a good sign and hearing a door close I switched the light on to refresh my lipstick, then moved the chair back a little that also allowed my skirt slide upwards showing my black stocking tops.


Looking over I could now see a man standing with his cock out wanking and reaching into my panties started to rub my cock, he then understood I what was on offer and that I was a Crossdresser not a female, he then got into the car sitting on the passenger seat.


I moved my hand over taking his cock, he moved towards me to kiss me, so I leaned into him, kissing him passionately as I adore kissing, he then pushed my head towards his lap “Suck me deep” as I put my lips around his cock lowering deep onto him.


I was starting to suck him hard, and he was clearly loving my expert oral skills when he pulled me up” I’ve got a rubbers can we go to the back of the van and fuck” I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Canterbury Dogging

Getting into my van it was made for comfort, least that’s what I told friends, I also like to think made for fucking LOL… on one side a bed, and small kitchen section, but it was warm and cozy, but more so private!


I was sat on the bed as the guy stood before me dropping his trousers to the floor and seeing his cock reached out and held him and still wet from my sucking, moving forward I took him fully into my mouth and sucking him deep he quickly got hard again.


He told me to suck deep as he loved hearing crossdressers gag on his cock and with this pushed all the way forcing me to take him fully and gag which clearly, he placed his hand onto the back of my head pushing me balls deep forcing me to gag until I couldn’t take any more


I was sucking him, then pulled away, and moving onto my back my panties where down and I kicked them free, with my legs pulled upwards he moved onto me and felt the tip of his cock rest against pussy, fuck I wanted him inside me !


He forced his cock taking him deep inside and pulling my blouse up & bra teased my nipples with sharp bites as I took more of his cock inside me, pulling his head upwards I told him “ fuck me hard, I want it deep” and with that pulled my hips pulling hard against him.


“Yes yes, FUCK me hard” as he thrusted time and time again riding him hard, he leaned forward kissing me as our tongs meet and I knew we both were near to cuming as I felt his warm seed inside me and I soon spurted a load all over my tummy… and yes, we swapped details afterwards LOL

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