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Southend Crossdresser

Hi guys, and gurls, my name is Maggie and I’ve been living in Southend, Essex all my life, and I’m a 100% true Essex Crossdresser Gurlie loving my dressing and of course white patent shoes and always matching bag, although my dressing is for home only as I never go out.


I’ve had a few boyfriends, nothing serious mostly because I love oral anal sex and not that many guys like rimming crossdressers, or rim job, eating ass, or tossing the salad depending on what you call it…basically poking your tongue deep into my anus, it drives me wild and can make me cum without even touching my cock.


I found the site whilst looking for some porn so decided to join and it wasn’t long before messages were coming in, some guys once I started talking about anal oral would vanish, but this one guy called Ian love mutual rimming and we arranged to meet at mine

Mutual Rimming Hookups

I was nervous as it had been a few months, and even longer since I felt the pleasure of having someone face pressed deep into my cheeks and feeling their tongue work its way into my anus.


I’d had a shower, paying attention to making sure I was very clean inside, I use a shower attachment that works well just a little messy but it’s worth spending to time to make sure you are squeaky clean inside if you are going to have someone tongue inside your anus and cock !!


I was wearing a pretty, but VERY sexy lingerie and a nice transparent top to tease just a little, and a little surprise. Ian knew why he was coming here, and it was all about the sex.. Waiting for him I enjoyed a quicky G&T and just as I finished the door went

Crossdresser Gem Butt Plug

He walked and told him to make himself comfortable whilst I sorted wine out. On my return he was on the sofa and sitting next to him we started to have a drink, and soon afterwards his hand was on my leg and moving upwards.


I opened my legs and quickly his hand was on my panties feeling my growing hard cock. He moved onto the floor and pulling me forward opened my legs fully and pulling my cock out started to tease and play with me making me groan out.


Closing my legs, he pulled my knickers off and whilst together I gave him a chance to see my surprise and reaching towards my anus placed his hand on my Gem Butt Plug and started teasing pushing a pulling a little just enough to stretch me open then push it back in

Crossdresser Rimming

He pulled my legs right up and moving his face towards my butt, pulled the plug fully from me then moved his face towards my cheeks he pulled them apart and I felt his face touching my bottom and then a tongue licking around my balls teasing me and driving me wild.


I needed his tongue inside my anus and placed my hand on his head and pushed him towards my hole…. He got the hint and moved between my legs and first started running his tongue around my anus stopping sometimes to tease with just the tip of tongue poking a little.


Then returning to running his tongue around and around getting me so wet, before poking deep inside me, so much it almost pushed me off the sofa he pushed so hard going in deep and could feel his tongue deep inside my anus and it was fucking amazing.


His tongue was darting in and out going around, and it was all I could do to hold myself back from cumming as the feeling was so intense… He pulled back a little and now with my anus so wet and open started to slide fingers into me and I needed his cock right NOW..

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