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Portsmouth Crossdresser

I thought it was about time I started my blog here; I live in Portsmouth and if you want to know more than just click the profile link. I’ve been dressing a while and have a passable look at dust LOL… This happened a few years ago as the sex shop has closed now.


It was about 9.00 on a warm summer’s day and I was heading out with a little summer mini dress on. I wanted to show off my ultra smooth tanned legs that I had just shaved and used a tanning location on, and they looked yummy.


Town center wasn’t that far so I was walking and got a few looks I’m pretty sure it was due to my dress riding up nearly showing my white panties, but I really didn’t care I was on a mission to have sex and knew just where I going to get it

Crossdresser Sex Cinema

Getting to the shop a few people were walking around but I wasn’t buying today I was more interested in the back room and as Wednesday night was trans night knew some others would be in along with hopefully some admirers.


Walking in not many were around so I headed towards the back and sitting down started watching some porn, this guy then walked in and noticed me so walked over and sat next to me…I reached over, and he already had a hard cock, so I needed to explore.


Getting his cock out he was a good size, but he wanted my lips around it so moving my head down I started sucking and slurping on his cock as I knew that would get the attention of anyone else that wanted me

Public Anal Fucking

I was right another guy moved next to me and straight away had his hand inside my knickers and playing with my cock… I don’t mind my cock being played with but I’m total passive and love getting fucked and swallowing as much cum as my tummy will allow LOL..


I stopped sucking the guy and moving around pulled my panties off and now had one guy behind me as well and after taking them off the guy sat next to me took then and sniffed them….MMmmmm now that’s my type of man!


The guy behind me was playing with his cock so bending over the seat I licked his cock and was just about to return to the other guy when the one I was sucking stood up and coming up behind me slipped his cock straight into my pussy. FUCK that was a bonus and started fucking me.

Cum In My Pussy

It didn’t take him long before he was cumming and pushed himself deep inside as I took all his cum. Pulling out, I was now busy sucking the guy behind me, so he moved on and the other guy quickly replaced his cock inside my cum soaked pussy. He was pound me hard and giving me the fucking, I wanted.


My expert oral skills quickly made the guy cum and swallowed all his sticky sweet cum and moving my head up I told the other guy to cum in my mouth. He pulled his cock out and moving around he started to mouth fuck me and I could taste my juices and the other guys cum all mixing.


He took my head and pushing it deep shot his load down my throat swallowing all his cum also. I sat back on the chair and looking at my cock could see cum leaking from me and just needed to chill for 5 before heading out

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