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Crossdresser message boards were probably the first type of online hookups that people used back in the early days of the internet and like most things then it was basic and “DULL” although thinking back then I loved I was reading a message from a Crossdressers, shame most were a long way from me.


Whilst most think only about Crossdressing live chat message boards often hold their own and for many members and those using them, they prefer message boards over live chat, although message boards are also called forums.


People access crossdresser chat for lots of reason, some believe it or not are happy to chat, whilst others use chat as a way of hooking up with contacts and its this reason that message boards are far better than chat and you can quickly start chatting and meet up

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If you’ve not been around the internet much you may never have used a message board or even heard about forums, in which case you are in for a treat by accessing the message board within our members section.


Message boards give crossdressers and admirers a place where they can upload messages within dedicated sections such as casual hookups, parties, holiday fun, advice, or just a general section for anything else.


One of main advantages over live chat is postings that are made within message board are not deleted, which means you can look back over archived postings and even search members by name looking for message

Forums v Chat

Do you want to chat live or read messages, maybe check out personals advert then start chatting? Most people prefer message boards as they run at a slower pace and you can read full messages by members, and responses.


A classic case with be a Crossdressing looking for dogging hookups and posts details of where they will be and car details. Then its just a case of sending a message saying you want to hookup and swapping full contact details…after all you don’t want to walk to the wrong car!


Join us and try out the message boards we offer our members plus upload your own personals advert and start checking local members out to you, either by accessing chat or just searching for members online NOW and send a message.


Membership is free and it gives you a chance to try the site out without having to pay for access. If later you want more features upgrading is easy and the name of the site will not show on your card.

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