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I have always been fascinated by women’s legs, more so if wearing tights / pantyhose, but it was only when I started wearing my own & buying that my passion really developed and as my collection grew so did my interest in meeting with females that I could share pantyhose sex.


Whilst at first, I was a little confused sexually knowing that I was getting turned on by my legs and groin being encased inside tights, or pantyhose depending on where you live one thing was for certain when wearing tights and rubbing myself I would cum quickly….this mean often buying new tights, which I didn’t mind as that was just as much a turn on looking at all the different types of tights and trying different styles.


I then started exploring wearing nylon knickers and whenever possible would sleep with nylon panties and tights rubbing myself and masturbating in bed, sometimes I take my tights off then wrapping around my cock and wanking till I soak them in cum.

Meeting Girls Pantyhose SEX

I then started reading fetish magazines to try and get local contacts as I really wanted to be around women that shared my passion for sex in tights / pantyhose or nylon knickers, at first it was a struggle then I meet one via a magazine personals that let me fuck her whilst she was wearing tights and so was I…but that was just a one off.


Then thankfully personals sites came along, and I soon found a home and joined up for my sex in pantyhose and meeting with females, one of those I meet on the site called Jane loved sex pantyhose, and even from our first meet we were in the bedroom exploring with my hand under her skirt, rubbing her pussy through tights, and her teasing my cock that was stretching poking out from my pantyhose.


Jane loved looking at my cock when encased in tights and we would often fuck whilst both wearing tights with her hand rubbing my balls and whilst we could have removed them, we both loved so much fucking wearing pantyhose.


Laying on top of Jane with my cock in tights, rubbing & grinding into pussy whilst shes also wearing pantyhose I would reach down making a small hole near her pussy in front of my pantyhose, then pulling my cock out.


I could now rub my cock against her pussy pushing deep and hard into her tights and feel her pussy against my cock, before reaching down, and making another hole right on the gusset, then her legs wrapped around my back and my cock would slide deep inside her and we would FUCK..

Pantyhose Personals

When I joined Crossdressers Chat I assumed I would just chat with others that shared my passion and soon found out that I was making contacts with other females, although the offers from males still came in even though I said I was straight, but having chatted with some others online many of those were bi.


Jane moved away and thankfully I was soon sending out messages to other women that enjoy sex wearing pantyhose and the ease of meeting contacts from the early days of fetish magazines changed to number of contacts I was able to make….try it just make sure you have a good selection of pantyhose ready !

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