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Whats the next best thing to meeting up with a horny Crossdresser or admirer? How about logging into a members section and accessing anything from chat, message boards and of course Crossdressing stories.


Members stories are posted within the social section and cover just about every type of theme or subject from members posting up about recent meets, maybe asking some advice or sex fantasy.


With so many members across all ages, interests and even dressing levels from those that just enjoy slipping into some panties to others that would never be seen with red lippy, you can be sure it will offer a huge selection or story themes.

Finding Crossdressing Story

Searching out and finding stories isn’t hard, in fact if you look on Google it won’t take you long before you are reading stories, but the difference with our stories is you can also directly access photo personals check the member out and better still messages.


What better way to make a contact with someone by reading a story, maybe a sex fantasy and then sending a message to say you’ve read their recent story about, dogging maybe, role playing or just getting there first anal…and offer to make it come true. Themes often used


:- My first Dogging
:- Wife caught me dressing
:- Best Sissy outfit?
:- Take my pussy, virgin CD
:- I want to such a CD cock, am I gay?


With unlimited space stories can be anything from a few hundred words to thousands, combine this with being able to include photos it makes for a very interesting place to track down contacts along with reading their sex stories

Admirers / Crossdressers

Stories are not just limited to Crossdressers, anyone can post within the blog section once joined, which is free, and you can find out more about free membership below or check photo personals via free link above.


Posting your story is easy as they go directly onto the blog section of the site, so just open the blog, click on the section that applies to your interests then click on make a posting. Using a good heading will always help people find your stories better and once done start typing away.


If you want to upload photos or even videos, although then its called a Vlog not so much a story you can do so, as there is no limit on the words or photos you can post up.

Free Stories

To give you some idea we’ve posted up some edited stories from the members section, if the story gives too much personal information, we do edit them, but in most cases, they are as the member posted, but without photos if uploaded or contact details.


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